TAL 2023 Library Jobs Webinar


Brian Lin


Have you ever wondered what happens to your application when you apply for a library job? Are you unsure of how to prepare for an online interview? Do you want to know more about the current library job market in Alberta? Then this webinar is for you!

This webinar will feature a panel discussion from libraries across Alberta with topics covering:
Current Trends in Librarianship
The Alberta Library Job Market
Library Hiring Process
Library service and learning in an online setting
There will be time set aside for Q & A following the panel discussion.

This webinar is aimed at aspiring library professionals interested in learning directly from library staff responsible for managing, hiring, and training library staff.

Panelists will be from Wood Buffalo Regional Library, Lethbridge College Library, Parkland Regional Library and Alberta Bible College (please note, panelists are subject to change depending on availability).

After the webinar, a feedback form will be sent to everyone who registered for the webinar as well as a link to the recoding of the webinar.

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Representation & visualization: Building a discovery tool for the Transgender Archives


In order to build and maintain a healthy community, members need to understand their past. The Transgender Archives at the University of Victoria Libraries is home to the world's largest collection of trans, nonbinary, Two-Spirit, and gender-diverse history. In December 2019, we proudly launched an online discovery tool to search our collection of publications, which include articles written by trailblazing community members, and historical events that shaped trans activism and history. In this presentation, Michael Radmacher (MLIS, MA) and Shahira Khair (M.Sc, MIS) will tell the story of this project, and will offer a demonstration of the new discovery tool.


Michael Radmacher; Shahira Khair

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