SGPL Grievance and Dispute Resolution Policy

Policy Statement: 
The Spruce Grove Public Library (SGPL) encourages trustees and staff to communicate their grievances, in order to foster and maintain a supportive, pleasant environment for everyone. The SGPL resolves conflicts that may arise between individual trustees or staff in a timely, fair, transparent and constructive manner. The purpose of this policy is to provide an avenue through which trustees and staff can resolve complaints and conflicts as they arise.

SGPL Respectful Workplace Policy

Policy statement: The Spruce Grove Public Library (SGPL) believes excellence in the workplace requires respect for diversity and inclusivity, and that all staff and trustees be treated with fairness and dignity, in accordance with SGPL values. To that end, the SGPL provides a work environment that is free of bullying harassment, abuse, discrimination (BAHD), violence and other inappropriate behaviours.

Spruce Grove Public Library SRC Resources


Summer reading club resources from the Spruce Grove Public Library including: 

  • Reading Log
  • Program Guide
  • Our Summer Reading Club representative, his name is Barnaby Pinkston and he doubles as a mascot and a grand prize entry draw box (put the entries right in his mouth!)
  • Our bulletin board representing how we interpreted WILD for this year’s theme

From the SGPL:
This is our WILD display for this year’s TD Summer Reading Club. We went with wild colours and prints, and ‘hello’ in different languages. We thought this would be a great way to catch everyone’s attention while introducing some of our interpretations of the word WILD. We are planning on keeping this up in the children’s section all summer with only slight alterations as the months pass. The next alteration will be replacing the speech bubbles with pictures of the books on the TD Summer Reads pamphlet.
Summer Team at Spruce Grove Public Library 




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How to Shake Things Up in Your Community: Communication is the Key - Alberta Library Conference 2016


We've all heard it before: work smarter, not harder. But when it comes to effective communication, all too often a lot of effort results in only a little bit of success. This session will provide you with a tool kit of ideas, templates, guidelines and resources to help create and maintain the communication you need--and deserve--to be the best library you can be!
Learning Objectives:

  • Write and submit a press/media release
  • Write and submit public service announcements
  • Write and edit web content
  • Create and execute a social media plan


Leanne Myggland and Wayne Rothe

Conference Year

Presentation Topic