A Year of Kindness


Being kind is a deliberate choice that the library decided should be its theme for 2019. Though it sounds broad, we made an intentional decision to instill kindness into several different initiatives in the library through four separate facets: self-kindness, kindness for others, kindness for the environment, and kindness in the community. This presentation details the various ways we accomplished these acts, highlights the outcomes, and demonstrates the positive effects of kindness that can be achieved no matter how small the act. Though we continue to infuse kindness into everything we do at the library, our theme culminated in our Stories of Kindness event on World Kindness Day (Nov. 13): we asked the community to contribute short stories to the library, and published them in a book to be remembered and cherished by generations to come.


Melanie Hilchie and Sue Karp

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Toolkit: How to Implement a Summer Reading Club on a First Nations Reserve


Ruth Barker


In 2018, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education initiated a pilot project to develop a Summer Reading Program on First Nations in order to develop best practices around offering Summer Reading Clubs on First Nations Reserves in Saskatchewan.  

The pilot project was conducted by Southeast Regional Library.  

This Kit has been developed in response to this pilot project. 

This toolkit covers How to Get Started; Creating Partnerships; Planning:  Program Delivery; Project Evaluation; as well as an extensive Appendix including forms, agenda's, resources and promotional materials.

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