Summer Reading Club (SRC) Promo Booklet


Abby Spencer


This is a Publisher File for a SRC Registration booklet. It include a schedule, 3 spaces for name/age/allergies, a parent/guardian contact,  section, and spots for parent/guardian to sign for some safety considerations.

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Microsoft Publisher

Summer Reading Club Launch Activity Guide


A guide containing several activities for around the library to function as a Summer Reading Club Launch.
Includes a book list and activity descriptions for certain areas of a library.

Training Guide File

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Reading Challenge + Rules & Log


Reading challenges along with Summer Reading Club rules and a log sheet.
The challenges are like mini games to go along with the reading log.
There are 4 files.

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Didsbury Municipal Library Policy Manual

Framework                                                                          2
Governance                                                                         3 – 10
         Schedule A: Executive Officers                                    11 – 12
         Schedule B: Committees                                              13
Administration                                                                     14 – 17
Finance                                                                               18 - 22