Bright Spot Library Practices in Manitoba: What’s Working and How Can We Do More of It?


A study, by the Public Library Services Branch (PLSB), to discover the best practices of the top performing libraries in the province. The study aimed to find out why some libraries were reporting declining statistics, while other where seeing increased statics. We set out to try and determine if we could find any common elements in the libraries that were seeing increased statistics. Would it then be possible to distil best practices and then share it with the other libraries? By studying the statistics, we were able to determine which libraries had high activity in three key areas compared to their population. The process gave PLSB a starting point and means for comparison and further study. The resulting report gathers the information we discovered on common elements between these locations, and could make a good comparison for those that wish to improve their own key performance indicators like gate count, circulation and turnover


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