Twenty Up: Oh, The Places the SLIS Class of 1998 Have Been and What They Can Tell You!


It’s 20 years since the class of 1998 graduated! They are working in academic, public, and medical libraries, in government, in library consortia, as curriculum specialists, learning designers, information specialists, and more. For students or those early in their librart careers, this is a great opportunity to see the astonishing variety of career paths available to MLIS graduates and get some tips.
Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about the different jobs and career paths open to librarians
  • Get career advice from SLIS grads
  • Discover top skills and strategies to succeed as a librarian


Debbie Feisst, Sean Barr, Michael Brundin, Joanne Rodger, Anne Carr-Wiggn, Kerry Anderson and Friends

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