There's a Graphic Novel For Everyone (Yes, Even You!)


Description: Explore how the Graphic Novel is an often-misunderstood yet extremely versatile format that facilitates uniquely stirring forms of expression. Explore a variety of Graphic Novels to suit any age and interest.
Abstract: Discover the many different faces of this versatile and often overlooked storytelling format. Participants will learn about different genres of Graphic Novels for all ages, including literary, biographical, non-fiction, historical, award-winners, LGBTQ, manga, and more. Examples will be examined with suggestions for school librarians & teachers, reluctant readers, and those who seek out a sophisticated read. Examine an excerpt from a Graphic Novel that might challenge you conceptions of the format.
Learning Objectives:

  • Give fresh consideration to Graphic Novels and their broad appeal for library patrons, students, and people of all ages and interests
  • Discover different genres of graphic novels and consider the classification of Graphic Novel as a format vs. a genre
  • Examine a Graphic Novel excerpt more in-depth and challenge potential preconceptions about the format

Target audience: Librarians, Library Staff (Public and School)
Tags: comics, graphic novels, manga, readers advisory, web-comics, formats, genres, fnmi, lgbtq, libraries, teaching, reading, books, classification, preconceptions, excerpts, patrons, reluctant readers,


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