TAL Presents: Advocating to Your Municipal Council


Allison Stewart


Presenting to your municipal council can often feel like a dreaded ordeal. Hopefully by the end of this webinar you’ll have some new tools in your advocacy toolkit that will make council presentations something you look forward to. We’ll cover:

  • The importance of tooting your own horn.
  • Getting Council to care about what you’re saying.
  • Deciding what information to highlight in your presentation.
  • How to present the information for the best impact.

Presenter Bio
Allison Stewart has worked in school and public libraries for over 16 years. She worked in an elementary school library for two years before jumping into the shark-infested waters of a local high school library. She ran that library for 7 years before moving to Stony Plain Public Library in September 2010 as the Assistant Director. She became Director in 2013. Allison is passionate about libraries and believes information professionals will eventually rule the world because they know how to control the flow of information.

Resource Topic
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