Public Libraries in Manitoba First Nations Communities: A collaborative approach


The University College of the North agreed to develop and operate a joint Academic and Public Library in Norway House in 2009. Since that time we have signed a contract to develop and operate a joint School/Academic/Public Library in Easterville, and this year have signed a contract to do the same in Pukatawagan. Each of these libraries have common problems, but each is also unique and operates to meet those unique needs. The contents will be made up of three parts: 1) Administrative and Political; how it came about and what is involved; 2) Library Services; what do we do, and what happens to make it possible; and 3) provide a talk about the writing classes helping local people and other community members all over the north write books and get their books published and the Northern Writer’s Reading Series.


Brenda Fontaine, Dr Stan Gardner, Denise Rowden

Conference Year