Municipal Election Advocacy Toolkit


The Alberta Library


The Municipal election Advocacy Toolkit contains everything a library and their patrons need to advocate for their library during municipal election season. 
The .zip contains:

  • An informational pamphlet that contains background information on libraries and how they are influenced by local politics, as well as 3 main questions to ask your candidates
  • A flyer that simplifies the above information pamphlet in an eye-catchign way
  • How to hold and election forum
  • Questions and answers about the value of libraries
  • A door hanger that lists the 3 questions to ask your candidates
  • A document with a few example policies on political use of library spaces
  • A folder full of pre-made fillable images to post onsocial media
  • A list of 10 activities one can do do promote the library durin election season (or any time)

The web link lead to the toolkit hosted on TALs website. It includes the .zip as well as a webinar presented by TAL staff on the contents of the package and how to use them, as well as an Articulate 360 interactive walkthough of possible candidate conversations. 

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