May I Have This Dance - Library CEO Evaluation and Compensation

May I Have This Dance - Library CEO Evaluation and Compensation

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Like teenagers at their first prom who are reluctant to engage with each other, Library Boards and CEOs often sidestep conversations about performance and compensation, but avoidance of these important topics can lead to serious misunderstandings around both personal and organizational expectations, uncertainty, and the weakening of relationships key to the organization’s success.   Once such conversations are “routine,” anxiety decreases for all parties.  Furthermore, a well-crafted framework which reflects the values of the organization can have a long life, serving many generations of Boards and CEOs. The annual CEO evaluation process now in place at Calgary Public Library has several parts:

  • Metrics evaluating progress on major initiatives, to which the CEO has contributed
  • Completion of a CEO Competency Review Survey by members of the Board and the Library’s Executive Leadership Team

As required, two more parts are completed:

  • A 360 Review completed by representatives of the Library’s top 10 partner organizations
  • Compensation Review of current market, with the help of a consultant

Both the Library Board and the CEO have been pleased with the results of the implementation of the new system, especially the opportunity it provides for an in-depth and honest conversation and the strengthening of a very important workplace relationship.