How Hip is the Partnership?


Scholarly literature is often described as a conversation among readers and writers of a particular field or discipline. In this presentation we will share our research on how one journal in particular, The Partnership: the Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice and Research, strives to provide a platform for conversation for the library community in Canada. As the journal reaches its tenth anniversary, we are exploring how the Canadian LIS community perceives the role and value of this publication. Is there still a place for a journal of such breadth? Is there anything special about a Canadian library journal? How important is open access to Canadian library literature readers/writers?” How does the journal fit into the reading and research habits of contemporary practitioners? How might the journal look going forward? We take the temperature of the value and meaning of Canadian library literature for Canadian librarians and library paraprofessionals.


Robin Bergart, Nathalie Soini, Leanne Olson

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