Digital Content and Access in Canadian Public Libraries


A talk by Sharon Day (she/her)


Director, Branch Services and Collections, Edmonton Public Library



The CULC eBook Task Force Working group works on behalf of public libraries to increase awareness of digital content issues and advocate for sustainable solutions. Key priorities of the group include sharing information on what is currently being done in Canada and the US with respect to e-books and e-audiobooks; implementing public awareness campaigns; advocating with politicians; as well as providing opportunities for collaboration across the public library community regarding issues related to digital content. In 2020 the group worked on the CULC COVID-19 Taskforce, launching a title available in English and French for the 2021 One eRead Canada campaign and collaborated with ULC to endorse and support Reader's first eLending study. Find out more about these initiatives and their impact, as well as what is coming next.


Sharon Day (she/her)

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