Collection Development and Management


This information has been transferred to Word documents as this forum doesn't support Excel documents. Statistics are totalled at the end of the year and put into the first document '2017 circulation stats to use in purchasing 2018 books for Toolshed' based on the different categories that are set up for our library. The second document '2018 Book Budget Report for Toolshed' takes the percentage of circulation from the first document and multiplies it times the available funds to determine what should be spent in each category. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
The first document also allows you to compare from one year to another whether your circulation has increased or decreased via category and what you should look at changing.  Keep in mind that you can alter an amount.  For instance, the first year this was created we added money to the Graphic Novel area as our collection was old and not receiving circulation but our staff knew that there would be a demand for it from a number of people who struggle to read.  Since then we have automatically been able to receive a dollar percentage for this category due to circulation.


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