Let's Talk About It: the Human Library Experience in Rural Alberta


Create a “Human Library” and make a place for “conversations that matter.” Instead of borrowing a physical book, patrons sign up for conversation time with a “Human Book” with whom they may talk, listen, discuss, argue, share a story, and experience some of the diversity that exists in all our communities. Human Books at Sundre Municipal Library may cover topics as wide-ranging as everyday philosophy, Alberta politics, genealogy and anthropology, motorcycle touring in Central America, and much more.
Learning objectives:

  • Learn how to plan and promote a Human Library event
  • Learn how to avoid the perils and pitfalls
  • Discover ways to celebrate the results: conversations that matter

The attached web link points to the full PowerPoint presentation, including videos: 535MB in size.
The attached pdf contains the PowerPoint presentation slides, but without videos.
To view videos separately, follow these links:
"Extreme Gardening: Gardening in Zone 2" https://youtu.be/w7Cx6DDiZdk
"Mildew, Trench Foot and Grizzly Bears: Tales Along the Trails of the Canadian Rockies" https://youtu.be/5NegpabbPg0
McPherson Library, University of Victoria, Human Library at UVic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mnz5DJEybjY


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