Burman University Archives Policy

From the Burman University's Archives Policy

Archivists at the Edith Fitch Department of Archives (hereafter referred to as Archives) believe that policies and procedures provide effective management tools to guide archivists in their work and those making use of the Archives’ facility and its holdings.
The Archives ensures that framework and operational policies and procedures are developed and maintained under the authority of Burman University.
In fulfilling its responsibility for policy making, the Archives will:

  • Define the functions of the Archives in key operational policies and procedures.
  • Ensure that policies and procedures comply with relevant legislations and regulations.
  • Work from the broadest, most general statement of policy when setting operational policy. The Archives may develop more specific policies until it has reached the necessary level of control.
  • Regularly monitor and review its policies.

Policies and procedures are living documents and require updating. Therefore, users are advised that parts of this manual may be under revision at the time of consultation. 


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Monday, October 30, 2017
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