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SGPL Grievance and Dispute Resolution Policy

Policy Statement: 
The Spruce Grove Public Library (SGPL) encourages trustees and staff to communicate their grievances, in order to foster and maintain a supportive, pleasant environment for everyone. The SGPL resolves conflicts that may arise between individual trustees or staff in a timely, fair, transparent and constructive manner. The purpose of this policy is to provide an avenue through which trustees and staff can resolve complaints and conflicts as they arise.

SGPL Respectful Workplace Policy

Policy statement: The Spruce Grove Public Library (SGPL) believes excellence in the workplace requires respect for diversity and inclusivity, and that all staff and trustees be treated with fairness and dignity, in accordance with SGPL values. To that end, the SGPL provides a work environment that is free of bullying harassment, abuse, discrimination (BAHD), violence and other inappropriate behaviours.

Didsbury Municipal Library Policy Manual

Framework                                                                          2
Governance                                                                         3 – 10
         Schedule A: Executive Officers                                    11 – 12
         Schedule B: Committees                                              13
Administration                                                                     14 – 17
Finance                                                                               18 - 22

Accessibility Policy

Frome the policy: 
Bibliothèque Allard Regional Library and its Victoria Beach Branch (hereinafter referred to as the Library) is committed to improving accessibility by eliminating barriers for people with disabilities in a manner that respects dignity and independence.
This policy is intended to address the requirements of The Accessibility for Manitobans Act, 2013 (AMA) and The Human Rights Code ensuring that all persons are provided equal opportunities and standards of service.


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