Wine & Paint Night


In May 2016, we ran a Wine & Paint Night at the Library, we invited a local artist (Bronte Hendren) to host a Wine & Paint on a Friday night when the Library was closed. She instructed 10 women how to paint a garden scene and each woman had a glass of wine while they painted. We obtained a One-Time Liquor License for the Library and charged each participant $40 for registration to cover supplies.
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Program photos

Program promotional materials

Length of program session

60-120 minutes

Number of sessions


Guest speaker(s) - include name and organization

Bronte Hendren


Bronte Hendren

Primary Audience


Secondary Audience


Funding (grants/foundations/corporations)

Registration Fee

Budget for this program


Resources required (materials/supplies; food/refreshments, etc.)

Liquor License
Acrylic Paint
Paint Brushes
3 Bottles of Wine
Paper Towel

Feedback from Participants

They asked if we would do it again.

Highlights - what worked well?

The evening went well and we budgeting time well, and all of the ladies had a lot of fun!

What were the goals/objectives of your program?

Wine & Paints have become very popular and we were looking for new ways to present adult programming.

What would you change about this program?

I would invest in little easels for the tables, it would have made the painting easier.