When Something Has to Give: Tools for Navigating a Mental Health Crisis


Drawing upon my own experiences with mental illness, my presentation will focus on these key topics: • Mental health “red flags” - how to tell when you’re at risk. • Self-awareness - knowing yourself well enough to recognize warning signs.

  • Reaching out - considering your options, including removing personal stressors and seeking out help.
  • Facilitating your recovery - how to take care of yourself following a mental health low.
  • Talking about it - how to discuss mental health, and the importance of discussion for both mental illness sufferers and their supporters. In the spirit of "talking about it," questions are welcome (and encouraged)!

MOLLY HUTCHINSON is a second-year student in the Library Information Technology program at SAIT in Calgary. She is a passionate mental health awareness advocate and has been fighting the good fight against her own depression and anxiety for over a decade. When she's not focused on her studies, she can usually be found in the garden (weather permitting).


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