When to Hold On and When to Let Go: "Last Copy" Shared Print Archiving and Book Deselection


At VILSC 2016, Lisa and Jean introduced a new shared print monograph initiative undertaken by 10 academic libraries in Western Canada. The Shared Print Archive Network (SPAN) Monograph Project, an initiative of COPPUL, helps ensure we retain and preserve enough copies of rare, local-interest print materials for future access by scholars and citizens. Please join us for an update on the outcomes of this exciting project! We will also demonstrate how we are analyzing our collective holdings and circulation data, using an online tool called GreenGlass, to advance local collection management goals in responsible, sustainable, evidence-based ways. Finally, we will share some of our thoughts, experiences and workflows around that bête noire of libraryland, weeding, as well as possible future uses of the data beyond deselection and retention.


VIU: Jean Blackburn ; UVIC: Lisa Petrachenko, Tina Bebbington, Sue Bengtson

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