Traditional Knowledge in the Makerspace: Incorporating Indigenous-Led Programs for STEAM Success


Are you ready to get crafty with Indigenous traditions for 21st century learning? Learn to bridge brilliant craft traditions with STEAM literacies through Indigenous-led maker programs.


In 2019, Vancouver Island Regional Library (VIRL) launched their makerspace, the Creativity Commons, to the public. Dalia built alliances with local stakeholders such as Indigenous artists, makers, and community members interested in cultivating a reclamation of culture through the library makerspace.


Through an Indigenous-led approach to program delivery, libraries can better amplify Indigenous voices in a reconciliatory manner. This not only offers those of Indigenous ancestry the opportunity to learn about their cultural traditions that were outlawed previously in Canada, but encourages a wider audience of community members to learn about pre-colonial traditions and connect with the local Indigenous community in the hands-on process.


Bridging the divide between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities through DIY making empowers life-long learners to celebrate equity, diversity and inclusion, and decolonizes state-funded spaces that have historically excluded Indigenous knowledge-keepers and voices.


Come learn how library makerspaces coupled with sound, culturally appropriate, outreach practices can preserve and pass on traditional knowledge for generations to come and build lasting community partnerships. Simultaneously, we can impart hands-on STEAM-based literacies that foster 21st century learning and welcoming makerspaces for renewed success!


Dalia Levy

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