Towards Reconciliation: Update on CFLA-FCAB's Indigenous Matters Committee


The Truth and Reconciliation Committee was the first committee formed by the CFLA-FCAB and was formed with nominees from CFLA-FCAB member associations and the larger library and archival community. The Truth and Reconciliation Committee had a mandate from September, 2016 to February 1, 2017, when a report was delivered to the incoming CFLA-FCAB Board at the AGM. The report contained recommendations on further actions that the CFLA-FCAB should consider to promote education on Indigenous issues, to support reconciliation, and to meet the needs of Indigenous communities. One of the recommendations was to form a Standing Committee on Indigenous Matters to implement these recommendations. This session will give an overview of the CFLA-FCAB Truth and Reconciliation Committee report and an update on the new Standing Committee on Indigenous Matters. For more Information please see



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