Steal this Framework! Approaches to Digital Literacy Instruction at the Public Library


Can I use Photoshop to make a business card? Should I be scared that Facebook is mining my data? What’s Minecraft? How do I make a website to sell my hats? Which apps are safe and educational for my preschooler? Can you help me email photos to my grandchildren? How do I spot fake news?

Demand for digital literacy learning opportunities at the public library is both increasing and diversifying. Many still need to learn the basics; privacy and security concerns are ever-present; and people of all ages want to explore advanced, cutting edge and creative technology.

Your library needs to not only decide what to offer, but how it will fit in with community needs, strategic goals, and staffing. Join an interactive discussion with panelists from four B.C. libraries who have recently created new, evidence-based digital literacy frameworks, programs and resources. Learn what we learned, what worked and what didn’t, and how you can adapt our work for your library.

Presented by: Diana Marshall, FVRL, Samantha Mills, VPL, Cindy Ho, RPL, Sarah Felkar WVML

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