"Do you love to build with LEGO? Looking for a new adventure? Learn to code with LEGO Robotics. Kids will work in teams to build a robot and program it to move, spin and even talk."

For a stand-alone 1 hour program for 9-13 year olds:
10min intro – asking if anyone had built with Lego before, built a robot before and introducing the parts of the Lego Mindstorm robot. Then I also show them on the projector the different types of programming blocks that they’ll use to make their robot do things.
40 minutes of building and programming – this is done in teams of 3-4 participants. If a team is ‘done’ before 40 mins I encourage them to add more to their code and to add more stuff to their robot to make it look cool.
10 minutes to present their robots to everyone else in the program.
Source Library

Length of program session

60-120 minutes

Number of sessions



Jodie Mandarino

Primary Audience

Intermediate (Gr. 4-7 or aged 9-12)

Resources required (materials/supplies; food/refreshments, etc.)

Lego Mindstorms kits – 399.99 each
Batteries for the robots (6 AA batteries each)
Laptop computer/tablet – one for each robot and one computer for the person leading the program.
Tables – one table for each team (3-4 participants per team)
Chairs – optional, one for each participant