Project Eevee - Academic Community During COVID-19


Project Eevee - Academic Community During COVID-19
Project Eevee is a study conducted by three second year Library Information Technology students. It was undertaken to discover and document the strategies and coping mechanisms of students and instructors in a post secondary learning environment who had to suddenly pivot from in-person to online course delivery because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The researchers parsed through data gathered from focus group discussions and organized that data through thematic analysis. This presentation provides an overview of the researchers' reported findings.
Eleanor Golding (She/They) - Rocky View Schools, Erik Lofthouse (He/Him) - Rocky view Schools, & Joanne McKenzie Hicks (She/Her) - ARC Resources Ltd.
Eleanor Golding fell in love with libraries while attending the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, studying English literature and anthropology. After finishing their undergraduate degree, they went on to complete their diploma in Library and Information Technology from SAIT. They are now spending their weeks as the Learning Commons Facilitator at Chestermere High School with Rockyview Schools, and spending their weekends with family and their little cat, Phryne.
Erik Lofthouse graduated in April 2021 from the Library Information Technology program at SAIT. He is currently working as a Learning Commons Facilitator for Rocky View Schools, splitting his time between Fireside School and Elbow Valley Elementary. He has a passion for children's literacy and young adult literature. In his free time Erik enjoys video games, reading about history, and playing with his two dogs, Juno and Sadie.
A recent graduate of SAIT’s Library Information Technology program, Joanne McKenzie Hicks discovered her favourite part of returning to school was the connections she made with her classmates and instructors. When the opportunity arose to study student community during COVID-19, and receive a full course credit in the deal, Joanne did not hesitate to sign-on.
Joanne began work shortly after graduation in the field of information governance and is thoroughly enjoying the launch of her new career.
When she is not at work, Joanne enjoys writing for her citation blog, reading, gardening, and taking road trips with her family.


Eleanor Golding (She/They) - Rocky View Schools, Erik Lofthouse (He/Him) - Rocky view Schools, & Joanne McKenzie Hicks (She/Her) - ARC Resources Ltd.

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