One-Day Makerspace featuring Ozobots


A two-part, one-day program hosted at a rural library branch showcasing one (or more) of the Makerspace kits available at the Wheatland Regional Library.

We have provided our Ozobots program as an example.

Length of program session

30-60 minutes



Primary Audience

Primary (Gr. K-3 or aged 5-8)
Intermediate (Gr. 4-7 or aged 9-12)
Young Families/Parents

Budget for this program

$0 - $50

Resources required (materials/supplies; food/refreshments, etc.)

Copies of the Ozoluck Maze “The Cloud” – 1 per group of four participants (see Resource Links in our document); Copies of the Ozobot Brain Teasers – make more than you think you will need (see Resource Links in our document); Robots Days Ozobots Instructions sheet – 1 per group of four; Robots Days Ozobots Master Sheet – for yourself or any volunteers who are helping; Ozobots – 1 robot per group of four; Large sheets of white or off-white paper; Ozobot markers or thick tipped Crayola markers in black, red, blue, and green (see Resource Links in our document for Canadian suppliers we have used – we do not receive any money for sharing these links); Ozobots – 1 robot per participant

Copies of program publicity (newspaper articles, letters of appreciation, participant feedback, etc.)

Highlights - what worked well?

Participants were excited to draw mazes and the game went over well with older participants.

What were the goals/objectives of your program?

The goal of the program was to expose participants to other sections of the library they may not regularly use and potentially discover new, non-fiction reads based on the STEAM ideas (science, technology, engineering, art or mathematics.)