Netspeed 2017 Keynote: Digital Readiness and other digital divide strategies


It's 2017, why doesn't everyone have email? Or aren't we post-email? Rural librarian and technologist Jessamyn West will talk about some of the intended and unintended consequences of the digital divide and discuss libraries' roles in helping mitigate them. Breakout session for more constructive discussions afterwards.
Jessamyn West is a librarian and community technologist. She writes a column for Computers in Libraries magazine and is the author of the book Without a Net: Librarians Bridging the Digital Divide. A born outreach librarian, she teaches a course entitled "Tools for Community Advocacy" for the University of Hawaii's Library School. She was a research fellow at Harvard University Library Innovation Lab for 2016-2017, and serves on the Advisory Board to the Wikimedia Foundation. She works with small libraries and businesses in Central Vermont to help them use technology to solve problems.


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