Literacy First: How Organizations on the Saanich Peninsula Come Together to Support Literacy and Lifelong Learning


The Open Air Library: A Community Program The Open Air Library, the Saanich Peninsula Literacy task group’s signature program, takes reading outside and is a fun summer community event that celebrates literacy. Behind the scenes is a growing exchange of collaboration and communication across multiple literacy organizations. Reflecting on five years of collaboration points to the continuous need for literacy organizations to work alongside one another.
Two Libraries, One Peninsula Public Libraries share a common goal of promoting literacy and lifelong learning. The Saanich Peninsula is served by two public libraries that find fun and exciting ways to work together and best serve their communities. Reflecting on five years of collaboration points to how libraries have moved outside of their spaces to build community.
Growing Readers Together Supporting literacy, growing minds, providing resources and tools to flourish and learn – public libraries and schools share similar goals but often work in isolation. Reflecting on past collaboration shows us that one good thing leads to another and points to where we will be five years from now.
Presented by Saanich Peninsula Literacy Task Group, Greater Victoria Public Library and South Island Distance Edcuation School


Shantael Sleight, Saanich Peninsula Literacy Task Group; Sarah Harrison, GVPL; Darcy McNee & Patty Golumbia, SIDES

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