Librarians: Your New Wellness Champions


Southern Alberta libraries are partnering with health and wellness organizations in the province to bring rubber chickens, skating passes, camping equipment, roving gyms, bike repair stations, symphony tickets, walks in the woods, and much more to our communities. Find out how in this inspiring and entertaining session.
LISA WEEKES is Manager of Partnerships and Community Development for Chinook Arch Regional Library System, which consists of 33 member libraries across southwest Alberta. Physical literacy and lifelong active living are personal and professional passions that guide her regional program and project development. Having worked in the public library world for over 10 years, Lisa believes responsive library collections and programming place libraries in a powerful advocacy position for community development and growth. On the personal side, Lisa enjoys planning and undertaking family trips across Canada and beyond with her husband and two teen sons.
BARBARA LONGAIR is Manager of Public Services and Children’s Services at Lethbridge Public Library and is an active community advocate.


Lisa Weekes & Barbara Longair

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