LEGO® Robotics: Blow Your Mind(storms)


"Drop in and explore our new LEGO® Mindstorms robots. Learn how to make it move and how to program its different sensors to solve multiple challenges. This program is appropriate for both teens and adults."

For a standard 1-time stand-alone program:
10min intro – asking if anyone had built with Lego before, built a robot before and introducing the parts of the Lego Mindstorm robot. Then I also show them on the projector the different types of programming blocks that they’ll use to make their robot do things.
40 minutes of building and programming – this is done in teams of 3-4 participants. If a team is ‘done’ before 40 mins I encourage them to add more to their code and to add more stuff to their robot to make it look cool.
10 minutes to present their robots to everyone else in the program.

You could also offer more of a challenge:
· Have your robot move around a number of objects that I’ve left on the floor
· Introduce a specific sensor and how it works and get them to use it to complete a challenge
o Stop at the black line
o Make the robot back up when the touch sensor is pressed.
If the program is going to run for 2 hours then I would suggest having at least 2 types of challenges for an older group like teens and adults to work on.

We’re also offering a 6-week program with up to 10 participants
· Participants will sign up for the whole 6-weeks of the program
· We will build on their learning each week and work up to using sensors and more complicated coding.
· I’ve attached my program notes from an 8-week version of this program that I did in Halton Hills.

This can also be offered as a 6-week program and have challenges for every week. I don't recommend having more than 10 participants. Anything over 10 I would suggest having 1 robot for every 3 participants that you hope to have in the program. That way there is enough for everyone to do.
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Length of program session

60-120 minutes

Number of sessions



Jodie Mandarino

Primary Audience

Middle School/Junior Secondary (Gr. 8-10 or aged 13-16)
Senior Secondary (Gr. 11-12 or aged 17-18)

Secondary Audience


Resources required (materials/supplies; food/refreshments, etc.)

Lego Mindstorms kits – 399.99 each
Batteries for the robots (6 AA batteries each)
Laptop computer/tablet – one for each robot and one computer for the person leading the program.
Tables – one table for each team (3-4 participants per team)
Chairs – optional, one for each participant