Learning Modules for Everyone: More Than Just Kits

Learning Modules for Everyone: More Than Just Kits

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Original broadcast - October 16, 2017 - RISE Network


Join Willow Schnell of the New Sarepta Public Library as she addresses the continual issue of needing to instruct patrons one-on-one when offering new technology, materials, programs and services.


If there is no money to hire someone and no time to sit with patrons and show them how to use these resources, how can you meet the needs of your patrons when information access is changing so quickly?


Through familiar, repetitive framework, and with passive programming, this is possible for any size library with any size budget, and any size of staff.


Willow will talk about how the 40-plus New Sarepta Library learning modules were conceptualized, how the framework was developed, and how student and public-led module design has promoted innovation, discovery, and a drive for self-directed learning, while celebrating local experts in the community.