Kids and the Academic Library: Outreach to Families, Schools and Community Groups at UVic Libraries


n the past five years, UVic Libraries has engaged children, families, and youth in an increasing variety of ways, as part of our strategic plan to be Open, Engaged, and Enduring.
We offer:

  • A community borrower's card and temporary netlink ID to provide access to our materials
  • high school class visits to the Libraries as part of our High School Outreach program
  • librarian visits to schools for engagements arranged through the Speakers' Bureau
  • librarian support for middle and high school Heritage Fair Projects
  • family-friendly events such as our "Book Arts Interactive" event at Ideafest 2018
  • collaboration with faculty members on public speakers' series such as "Treasures and Tea"
  • Youth Summer Camps oriented to university study, such as TextBytes
  • opportunity for community contributions to our collection decisions, as has been the case with our Transgender Archives
  • Direct engagement with community groups such as the Canadian Book Artists' and Bookbinders' Guild 

This panel will draw together a number of UVic librarians to describe these efforts and get into the why and how of what has made this work successful.


Heather Dean, J. Matthew Huculak, Tina Bebbington & Michael Lines

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