It's (Probably) Not Them: How Workplace Systems Destroy Employee Motivation and What You Can Do About It!


As managers and supervisors, we often blame individual employees when they disengage or seem to lack motivation. But what if it's not them? What if it's us: the systems, practices and management techniques we use that cause the problem? Awareness of our role in employee disengagement is key to improvement and a happier, more engaged workplace. This conference session will introduce participants to the underlying philosophies that have helped to forge current workplace systems and practices. The session will contrast those philosophies with what we understand now about motivation and employee satisfaction from the latest research on healthy workplaces, and uncover the seemingly innocuous workplace and management practices that demotivate staff and fuel employee disengagement. By understanding what lies at the heart of employee disengagement, we can become better managers and advocates for our departments, our libraries, and ourselves.


Robin Sakowski

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