Instagram Marketing for Public Libraries


Anthony Woodward


The best techniques for public libraries using the social media platform Instagram. Instagram has one of the fastest growing and largest active user bases of the predominant social media platforms today.
Instagram is a visual medium and libraries are visual places with interesting spaces, people, interesting events, interesting items for loan and use inside the library. Add to this that people love libraries, and they love visiting their libraries. All we need to do is connect the two, connect what makes our libraries great, to the people that love those great things about the library.
This guide explores how to improve your photos and get more likes, comment and follows. It also has a list of 20 ideas for posts specifically for public libraries that could be used as a month long challenge.
Edit: Updated as of May 2017. The document contains new and updated information about new features in Instagram.

  • Algorithm
  • Stories
  • Direct messages
  • Collections
  • Pods
  • Gallery Posts
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