Human Resources Overview for Small, Medium, and Rural Libraries


Edmonton Public Library has an in-house Human Resources team who provide services and support in the areas of recruitment, performance management, employee and labour relations, employee recognition, workplace health, and payroll and benefits. The focus of this presentation is to provide a broad overview of human resource matters as they relate to public libraries, including best practices for recruitment and performance management, and a brief summary of relevant legislation. In addition, this session will offer some practical tools and resources that will be useful to those without dedicated human resources support. This presentation will be of most interest to those who work for small, medium and rural libraries with limited or no human resources support.
Learning Objectives:

  • Understand recruitment and performance management best practices.
  • Review problem solving strategies when faced with challenging employee matters.
  • Indentify elevant Alberta legislation and how these impact the workplace.



Elisa Wilson and Camille Thorsteinson

Conference Year

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