How to Implement a Workplace Mental Health Program in Your Library


Stress is becoming a norm and can lead to serious health issues. Library workers are overwhelmed. What role should the library play in ensuring employee wellness? One in five people struggle and mental health is a leading cause of workplace disability in Canada. As a champion for mental health, in 2014 Pickering Public Library (PPL) became early adopters of the voluntary National Standard for Workplace Psychological Health & Safety CSA-Z1003-13. PPL will share their best practices to implement a psychological health and safety system for employees in your library. This session will also share the results of a recent national research case study in which PPL was a participant organization. This session will be of interest to any library employee, especially library leaders, joint health & safety committee members, and staff with human resources or supervisory responsibilities. There will be an audience question period near the end of the session for added interactivity.
Learning objectives:

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

1. Share experiences as it relates to mental health in the workplace.

2. Examine and obtain a tool kit of practical resources that can be utilized to help their library implement a psychologically healthy and safe workplace.

3. Identify and develop strategies that are suited to their individual workplaces.

Speaker: Tanya Sinclair, Pickering Public Library


Tanya Sinclair is the CEO at Pickering Public Library. She has over a decade of experience working in libraries, combined with 20 years in the Human Resources field. Tanya is passionate about learning and is always looking for news ways to engage staff. Tanya’s leadership philosophy is: Lead, Learn, Laugh! Tanya collaborated with the Mental Health Commission of Canada for three years positioning Pickering Public Library as an early adopter of the National Standard for Workplace Psychological Health & Safety. Tanya recently served as a workplace mental health guest panelist for the Conference Board of Canada in 2018.



Tanya Sinclair, Pickering Public Library, Ontario

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