Gardening Workshop


In May 2016, the Thompson Association of Retired Educators (TARE) put on a Gardening Workshop for kids. The kids paid $10 each and they got to hear a story about seeds ("What Kinds of Seeds are These?" by Heidi Roemer) and they each got to plant some Marigold seeds and transplant a Coleus that one of the teachers had brought in from her garden. Excess funds from the registration went towards plants that are planted outside of the Library.
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Program photos

Program promotional materials

Length of program session

30-60 minutes

Number of sessions


Guest speaker(s) - include name and organization

Thompson Association of Retired Educators (TARE)


Thompson Association of Retired Educators (TARE)

Primary Audience

Preschool (aged 3-4)
Primary (Gr. K-3 or aged 5-8)
Young Families/Parents

Secondary Audience

Young Families/Parents

Community partners

Thompson Association of Retired Educators (TARE)

Funding (grants/foundations/corporations)

Registration Fee

Budget for this program


Resources required (materials/supplies; food/refreshments, etc.)

Red Solo Cups
Marigold Seeds
Tin Foil
Watering Can
Tarp (for the floor, as it was cold outside that day)

Feedback from Participants

Participants asked if it would be a regularly occurring program - we will revisit in 2017!

Highlights - what worked well?

The kids loved the hands on activity and the parents loved that they got to take something home with them.

What were the goals/objectives of your program?

To introduce kids to gardening from the organization that takes care of the flowers and vegetables at the Library.

What would you change about this program?

Nothing! It went exactly (or even better) than we had hoped.