Games For Grownups


Games for Grownups is a monthly evening program where adults can gather for some kid-free time and play board and card games. It's pretty simple and easy to facilitate. We set up tables around the library, set out some games, some pop and chips and let people choose what they want to play. We get couples and singles attending. Groups of friends arrive to challenge each other, or mix with new people.
Source Library

Program promotional materials

Length of program session

> 120 minutes





Primary Audience


Funding (grants/foundations/corporations)

Literacy Grant - Library Branch/MoE

Budget for this program

Initial investment in games: $500.00 Per session snacks: $40.00

Resources required (materials/supplies; food/refreshments, etc.)

Games. We purchased a number of games from various sources - local stores and on-line. and both have great selections and good prices. If you mention at time of order that the purchase is for a public library, Starlit Citadel will give you 10% off. They also have a selection of games that are slightly irregular (boxes may have crumpled corners) but are otherwise in perfectly good condition that are on sale for great savings. Starlit Citadel specializes in both new and traditional games. Their site is not easy to navigate - they are gamers not techies, apparently - but with some practice, you will find what you need and they provide excellent customer service.

We try to buy a mix of both traditional games and new games. Popular at HPL are Dixit and Gloom. Hobbit Yahtzee is a fun twist on an old staple. Dutch Blitz will have tables roaring with laughter and frustration! Scrabble and cribbage are on the shelf as well as Settlers of Catan.

Patrons have generously donated games to our collection, too. Once we got the ball rolling, patrons just took ownership and now this is a popular program.

Feedback from Participants

"I love that I can try games out before I buy them. The library has a few games that I have been looking at, but haven't bought yet." KV

"I'm so getting my girlfriend to come with me next time! This was fun." JK

Highlights - what worked well?

Having a good variety of games on hand and listing them in the promotional materials for the program. People are curious about games they hadn't heard of before and will sometimes come in ahead of time to read the rules and see what other options there might be on the game shelf.

What were the goals/objectives of your program?

To provide adults with some kid-free, alcohol-free fun and entertainment. We just wanted to give people a new perspective on what public libraries are all about and an opportunity to socialize in a wholesome environment.

What would you change about this program?

I don't think we would change much. It's working well. Participants have asked for a weekly program instead of a monthly one, but we are sticking to once a month because we want it to be "special" and we have limited staffing at moment that prevents us from increasing the fequency.