A Flux Capacitor is not a Planning Tool: How to Plan for Technology


Janet Ayles


Although it is entirely possible for things to get better with age, this does not apply to the computers and other technology in your library. Library budgets are often very tight and we all try to squeeze “just one more year” out of our tech, hoping that we can make those limited dollars go as far as possible. However, this does nothing for the patrons using those aging computer or library staff who have to troubleshoot them as they fail. Creating a technology plan builds a schedule where you can plan the replacement of computers and other technology in your library before they fail and cause problems and panic. Having a replacement schedule will also give you a roadmap of how to spend your budget dollars. This session will give you a guideline and tips on how to create a technology plan of your own.
Presented by Janet Ayles, Peace Library System 

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