Find a Way: Understanding Access and Privacy Legislation


Shannyn was a municipal councillor, library board trustee and local board member from 2013- 2017 when she became a privacy breach victim. With a unique work-related knowledge of access and privacy legislation, Shannyn embarked on a challenging journey to understand Alberta’s access and privacy legislation as it relates to public bodies and individuals' rights. Her experience as a trustee and breach victim can help public bodies such as libraries understand that serious consideration should be given to preparing privacy breach response plans, including communication strategies that are as open as possible. A good communication plan with the affected individuals is a cornerstone of an organization’s response to a privacy breach, but only if that plan is in place and tested before the breach occurs.
Learning Objectives:

  • Define how to recognize a privacy breach.
  • Examine the 5 step response plan.
  • Discover how to become a privacy champion for your library!


Shannyn Rus

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