Deconstruction Day


The program was open for any age, (we had 9 adults attend). We had laptops, dvd players, vhs machines, cell phones, key boards, coffee pots, printers, and other items that were electronic. We supplied all the tools we thought they would need to help them take apart whatever device they chose. We also had someone knowledgeable in electronics to answer any questions they might have when they found something interesting inside.
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Length of program session

> 120 minutes

Number of sessions




Guest speaker(s) - include name and organization



Jenny LeBlanc

Primary Audience


Secondary Audience


Community partners


Funding (grants/foundations/corporations)


Budget for this program

Zero dollars

Resources required (materials/supplies; food/refreshments, etc.)

All items were donated to us. Tools were leant to us by the Recreation Centre and Library owned tools. There were no refreshments.

Feedback from Participants

They loved it. Would have liked more time to do it.

Highlights - what worked well?

The biggest seller to take apart were laptops, dvd players and vhs players. and cell phones. Even though there were other choices these went first. The biggest highlight of the afternoon was a small 3 year old and he popped off the letters of a keyboard in alphabetical order. What he learned was much more than how they stuck on a keyboard.

What were the goals/objectives of your program?

- To give all people the opportunity to see how things work. Especially children.
- To be able to deconstruct without barriers and getting into trouble if it breaks

What would you change about this program?

I would make the program longer.