Building a Digital Library: A Case of Successful Collaborations Across Library Employee Groups


Libraries depend on the successful collaboration of workers across employee groups to ensure high-quality and patroncentred services. Using the development of a digital library of British Columbia's Historical Textbooks as a case study, this presentation will hear from co-op student, CUPE, and librarian team members as they reflect upon how each contributes unique skills and strengths towards the management of a large-scale project. Library workflows of selection, acquisition, digitization, cataloguing, and exhibition development all rely upon the specialized skills of each team member. When such collaborations are productive, library work thrives. Presenters will outline lessons learned throughout the project and discuss the key elements of successful collaborations across library employee groups. This presentation will be relevant to those wanting to know more about the development of a digital library and those interested in multi-employee group team success.


Pia Russell; Sachi deTreaux; Marilyn Wilson; Shelley Coulombe; Kathy Mercer

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