Back to the source: A conceptual approach to business research


Looking for background on a company you want to work for, invest in, or approach as a client? Starting your own venture and wanting to check out the local market and competitive landscape? There are many reasons for seeking business information and many people can be daunted at the prospect. Thinking about who is most likely to gather and publish the information you are seeking can help make your search more efficient and manageable.
Join Emily Nickerson and Sue Bengtson as they share their approach to business information research and some of their favourite types of key information resources and how best to use them. Emily is the Law & Business Librarian and UVic and Sue is the former business librarian at UVic, both have also previously worked in the private sector. Combined, they have 20+ years of business research experience to share. We also invite you to bring your favourite business information sources to share with us.


Sue Bengtson; Emily Nickerson

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