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Never Waste a Good Pandemic: Covid and Alberta Libraries Margaret Law, Ron Sheppard, Karla Palichuk Management, Library Governance, Covid-19 Alberta Stronger Together 2020 133
Minding Our Own Business: The Value of an Organizational Review Margaret Law, Hank Smit and Deb Smith Management, Library Governance, Board Management, Board Governance Alberta Stronger Together 2020 131
Helping High School Students Become Information Literate in the Age of Fake News Cat McIlroy (she/her) Teaching, Digital Literacy, K-12, Information Literacy Alberta Stronger Together 2021 127
Wellness Session: Optimizing Health with Office Gardening Nicola Gunter Office Gardening, Wellness Other Stronger Together 2021 125
Dewey Divas and Dudes: Diversity and Inclusion Titles Laureen Cusack (she/her), Allie, Chenoweth (she/her), Janet Murie (She/her) Alberta Stronger Together 2021 123
The Right to Be Forgotten and Canadian Libraries Julie Lavigne (she/her) Privacy Alberta Stronger Together 2021 121
An Unorthodox Journey to the Published Land Terry Fallis Alberta Stronger Together 2020 121
Big Library Service, Small Library Budget Dan Galway (he/him), Jean Keetch (she/her), Lesley Sackett Winfield (she/her) Budgets Alberta Stronger Together 2021 118
Thinking Outside the COVID Box Rena Traxel Post Pandemic, Pandemic, Library Programs, Children's Programming Yellowhead Regional Library Stronger Together 2021 115
Striving toward Digital Equity with a WiFi Hotspot Lending Program Mary Anne Hansen (she/her), Meghan Salsbury (she/her) Alberta Stronger Together 2021 120
Project Eevee - Academic Community During COVID-19 Eleanor Golding (She/They) - Rocky View Schools, Erik Lofthouse (He/Him) - Rocky view Schools, & Joanne McKenzie Hicks (She/Her) - ARC Resources Ltd. Online Instruction, Research, Pandemic Other Stronger Together 2021 117
A Case Study of the Impact of Reading on Young Adult Social Justice Actions Jennifer McDevitt (she/her) Library Programs, Teen, Children's Programming University of Alberta Libraries Stronger Together 2021 105
Filling the Gaps: The Rise of the Afrocentric Library Dhara McIntosh (she/her) & Brenda Castillo-Pena (she/her) Collection Development Other Stronger Together 2021 141
ENNEAGRAM IN THE LIBRARY MIRANDA LEDUC & KARLA GAETZ Mental Health, Wellness Medicine Hat Public Library Marigold Library System Conference 2022 99
Stories from the Library - A collaboration Iona Reid and Nicholas Guerreiro British Columbia Legislative Library Vancouver Island Library Staff Conference 2022 66
LIBRARIES AND "WEB3" - VAPOURWARE OR SHOULD YOU CARE? Scott Leslie BC Libraries Coop Vancouver Island Library Staff Conference 2022 82
LIBRARY DISPLAYS SUPPORTING PATRON MENTAL HEALTH Christina Denault & Rebecca Baugniet Greater Victoria Public Library Vancouver Island Library Staff Conference 2022 92
LESSON PLANS AND LEARNING OUTCOMES FOR WRITING REQUIREMENTS Matt Huculak; Karen Munro; Michael Lines University of Victoria Vancouver Island Library Staff Conference 2022 79
TRADITIONAL KNOWLEDGE IN THE MAKERSPACE: INCORPORATING INDIGENOUS-LED PROGRAMS FOR STEAM SUCCESS Dalia Levy Vancouver Island Regional Library Vancouver Island Library Staff Conference 2022 68