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Title Presenter Presentation Topic Submitting Library Conferencesort ascending Conference Year Views
ENNEAGRAM IN THE LIBRARY MIRANDA LEDUC & KARLA GAETZ Mental Health, Wellness Medicine Hat Public Library Marigold Library System Conference 2022 98
CDL: What is it? How does it Work? How can I Participate? Cole Boychuk (they/them) Interlibrary Loans The Alberta Library Stronger Together 2021 215
Trans-Inclusive Hiring Practices Samantha Allen (She/her) Management, Staff Development, Library Careers University of Alberta Libraries Stronger Together 2021 170
Extra! Extra! Read All About It: Creating Civic Journalism at Your Library Steve Lillebuen (he/him) and Lisa Shamchuk (she/her) MacEwan University Library Stronger Together 2021 139
Digital Content and Access in Canadian Public Libraries Sharon Day (she/her) eBooks, Library Advocacy Edmonton Public Library Stronger Together 2021 150
Helping High School Students Become Information Literate in the Age of Fake News Cat McIlroy (she/her) Teaching, Digital Literacy, K-12, Information Literacy Alberta Stronger Together 2021 126
A Case Study of the Impact of Reading on Young Adult Social Justice Actions Jennifer McDevitt (she/her) Library Programs, Teen, Children's Programming University of Alberta Libraries Stronger Together 2021 105
Your Password is **** Stephanie Thero Security, Cybersecurity Yellowhead Regional Library Stronger Together 2021 145
Big Library Service, Small Library Budget Dan Galway (he/him), Jean Keetch (she/her), Lesley Sackett Winfield (she/her) Budgets Alberta Stronger Together 2021 116
Dewey Divas and Dudes: Diversity and Inclusion Titles Laureen Cusack (she/her), Allie, Chenoweth (she/her), Janet Murie (She/her) Alberta Stronger Together 2021 122
Traditional Knowledge in the Makerspace: Incorporating Indigenous-Led Programs for STEAM Success Dalia Levy Makerspace, Indigenous People's Programming, FNMI Vancouver Island Regional Library Stronger Together 2021 136
Wellness Session: Optimizing Health with Office Gardening Nicola Gunter Office Gardening, Wellness Other Stronger Together 2021 123
Thinking Outside the COVID Box Rena Traxel Post Pandemic, Pandemic, Library Programs, Children's Programming Yellowhead Regional Library Stronger Together 2021 115
We All Bleed Hailey McCullough Outreach, Poverty, Library Programs Grande Prairie Public Library Stronger Together 2020 160
The Whole-Person Library: Meeting Lifelong Needs through Community Partnerships Jenn Carson Wellness, Physical, Mental Health, Burnout, Keynote, Emotional Labour Alberta Stronger Together 2020 157
The Accidental Library Marketer Angela Hursh Marketing Alberta Stronger Together 2021 148
Copyright First Responders in the Northwest Freya Anderson (she/her) Copyright Alberta Stronger Together 2021 190
Never Waste a Good Pandemic: Covid and Alberta Libraries Margaret Law, Ron Sheppard, Karla Palichuk Management, Library Governance, Covid-19 Alberta Stronger Together 2020 133
The Right to Be Forgotten and Canadian Libraries Julie Lavigne (she/her) Privacy Alberta Stronger Together 2021 121
Making it 3D Lorisia MacLeod (she/her) Makerspace, Technology Training The Alberta Library Stronger Together 2020 149