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Marketing Sharing Mania: What libraries can learn from the collaborative consumption craze Céline Gareau-Brennan Other Alberta Library Conference 2017 1,540
Customer Privacy in Digital Collections & Services Rachael Collins Edmonton Public Library Netspeed 2017 1,550
3x3 in Search of an Assessment Plan Colleen Bell Other BC Library Conference 2017 1,550
A Makerspace Without Walls Sandra Anderson, Alberta Teachers Association Other Netspeed 2017 1,564
Using the Capability Approach in Digital Inclusion Faith Jones, Shelley Wilson-Roberts, Joe Haigh Columbia College BC Library Conference 2017 1,558
Extending Library Services to On-Reserve Populations: The First Year Caleigh Haworth, Rose Reid and Denise Peterson Marigold Library System Alberta Library Conference 2017 1,575
Celebrating Science: Libraries and Science Literacy Week Christina Hwang, Andrea Quaiattini, Monique Fiedler, Shelley Ross and Nicole Eva Other Alberta Library Conference 2017 1,576
Does the medium matter? Using evidence from science and engineering student surveys to guide choices between electronic and print books in collection development Christina Nilsen BC Library Association (BCLA) BC Library Conference 2017 1,609
Libraries, Literacy and Inclusion: Adaptations Christopher Kliewer British Columbia Library Association BCLA Professional Development Institute 2017 1,614
The Canadian Dollar Versus the Collection: How Canadian Academic Libraries are Coping Nicole Eva & David Scott University of Lethbridge Library Alberta Library Conference 2017 1,638
Connecting with Multicultural Communities: Intercultural Communications Workshop Ravi Basi & Fereshteh Kashefi Other BC Library Conference 2017 1,626
Bunny Slippers at the Academic Library: More Community, More Learning? Elizabeth Rennie, Jenna Goddard and Julia Wells Other Alberta Library Conference 2017 1,619
Cracking the Customer Experience at the Library Céline Gareau-Brennan and David Mucz Edmonton Public Library Alberta Library Conference 2018 1,670
Trustee 2.0 Laura Ross-Giroux and Dr. Tanya Pollard Other Yellowhead Regional Library Annual Conference 2016 1,652
Beyond the Annual Report: Web Analytics for Evidence-Based User Experience Decisions Jonathan Kift Vancouver Public Library BC Library Conference 2016 1,633
Learn-Plan-Do: A New Approach to Make your Plan of Service Better than Ever Ken Feser and Jen Anderson Alberta Municipal Affairs, Public Library Services Branch Alberta Library Conference 2017 1,639
Reps Present: Best Adult Titles for Winter/Spring 2016 Lahring Tribe, Rosalyn Steele and Andrea Colquhoun Other Alberta Library Conference 2016 1,674
Libraries, Literacy and Inclusion Christopher Kliewer British Columbia Library Association BCLA Professional Development Institute 2017 1,676
Presenting First Nations Resources to Teachers - Booklist and Outline Rachel Chong and Vicki Donoghue Burnaby Public Library BCLA Professional Development Institute 2017 1,722
Engaging with Families: Early Learning Pedagogy & Public Library Program Practices Catherine Howett & Michelle Gray Saskatchewan Provincial Library Saskatchewan Libraries Conference 2016 1,682